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Do you need to regularly move heavy stuff upstairs and you’re tired of throwing out your back? Are you constantly asking friends and family to “just give you a hand real quick” and now they’re scared to pick up your phone calls for fear of being put to work?

You may be a good candidate for owning a stair climbing dolly, which allows a single person of moderate strength to move heavy loads up the stairs with ease. Whether you work a job that’s heavy on manual labor or simply live at the top of a lot of stairs, investing in a stair dolly helps you get the job done while protecting yourself from aches, pains, and injuries.

Today, we’re covering the best three options on the market today. So, if you could benefit from buying a high-quality stair climbing dolly, read on for everything you need to know!


Top 3 Best Stair Climbing Dollies

There are many different stair climbing dollies on the market, but we picked out three favorites based on performance, quality, and customer reviews. Without further ado, here are our picks!


1. Mount-It! 3 Wheel Stair Climber Dolly

Mount-It! 3 Wheel Stair Climber Dolly

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The Mount-It! 3 Wheel Stair Climber Dolly is a must-have for anyone tasked with moving heavy items up and down stairs. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or boxes, this dolly excels in safely navigating staircases, whether at the office, warehouse, or home. Its portable and packable design ensures easy transportation, fitting snugly into car trunks or tight storage spaces when folded. With a capacity of supporting up to 154 pounds and a triple support design to disperse weight effectively, it significantly reduces strain on the back. Assembly is a breeze, taking mere seconds to set up, while its smooth-rolling wheels effortlessly traverse any surface without scraping or skidding, making loading and unloading jobs fast, easy, and safe. Mount-It! has proven its reliability with thousands of hand trucks sold, and their upgraded version promises even greater capabilities, ensuring users experience quicker and easier tasks. Should any issues arise, their dedicated support team stands ready to assist.


2.VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart With Adjustable Handle 

VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart With Adjustable Handle 

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The VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart With Adjustable Handle is a powerhouse of durability and versatility. Its integrated steel frame and thick aluminum alloy bottom plate ensure long-lasting resilience, supporting up to 220 lbs on the ground and 110 lbs when tackling stairs. The adjustable handle, easily adaptable to varying heights, guarantees comfort while navigating staircases. This upgraded version boasts reinforced components, including wear-resistant rubber wheels, enabling smooth movement across diverse terrains. Its foldable design adds convenience, allowing for compact storage and easy transportation, fitting seamlessly into car trunks or tight storage spaces. Whether transporting goods or serving as a handy assistant in warehouses, airports, or shopping malls, this stair climber cart from VEVOR exceeds expectations with its reliability and functionality.


3. Lomive Heavy-Duty Stair Climber Cart

Lomive Heavy-Duty Stair Climber Cart

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The Lomive Heavy-Duty Stair Climber Cart is a game-changer for those grappling with heavy loads. Its ergonomic triple support design ensures weight is evenly dispersed, minimizing strain and making even the heaviest loads feel lighter during stair ascent and descent. The height-adjustable handle enhances comfort across various surfaces, while its collapsible nature ensures easy storage in tight spaces. With a robust steel alloy construction, this dolly boasts an impressive load capacity of up to 440 lbs on flat surfaces and 300 lbs on stairs. Its versatility extends beyond mere stair climbing, serving as a comprehensive solution for transporting boxes and heavy items. Equipped with features like a bungee cord and large rubber wheels, this stair climber cart is indispensable for travelers, couriers, and anyone facing frequent heavy lifting tasks.


Qualities to Look for in a Good Stair Climbing Dolly

It can be overwhelming browsing for a stair climbing hand truck with no earthly idea of what you’re looking for. Many of the best stair crawler dolly brands will feature the following.


Safety Features

Safety is most important when it comes to good stair climbing dollies. They may feature safety measures including straps to secure the load, non-slip grip surfaces so the handles don’t get away from you, and brakes so you can stop the wheels dead in their tracks if you miss a step.

The best stair climbing dollies keep the load completely secured with no tilting, shifting, or shaking while also giving you total control.


Load Capacity

Being able to safely handle and maneuver your stair dolly is important, but it’s moot if the dolly can’t handle the loads you’re going to need to move regularly. For example, some vending machines weigh nearly 1,000 pounds empty, while some stair dollies are rated to move less than half of that.

So, it’s worth it to check how heavy a load the stair climbing dolly is capable of moving before buying something that ultimately can’t do the job you need it for.



Hand in hand with safety and load capacity is durability. Is the stair climbing hand trolley made of high-quality materials that don’t wear out over time? Does it feel sturdy and well-built when in use or is it noticeably rickety?

Choosing a metal dolly is often the best option, with aluminum serving as the lightweight option and steel offering unbeatable durability, albeit a bit of unwieldiness due to its greater weight. Keep this in mind when making your selection.



The biggest, baddest stair climbing dollies on the market often boast a price tag that reflects premium quality. If budget is a concern, there are still some affordable options at a lower price point, but generally speaking, you get what you pay for when it comes to stair climbing dollies.


Is It Worth the Money to Buy an Electric One?

Yes and no.

Can you find a manual hand truck for stairs that works like a dream and gets the job done? Of course. There are many respectable brands that make a manual hand dolly for stairs that are affordable, effective, and offer a good user experience.

Does an electric stair climbing dolly do all that but make the job even easier? Oh, heck yeah! The best motorized stair climbing dollies make quick work of the biggest jobs, saving your back while you save time on the task.

And, considering the World Health Organization found that low back pain affected 619 million people worldwide in 2020 with that number expected to reach 843 million by 2050, investing in a high-quality electric hand truck stair climber will help save you from becoming part of this staggering statistic.


Top Hand Truck Brands

Who are the top players in the stair climbing dolly game?



Mount-It! doesn’t just make stair climbing dollies; they’re actually the makers and manufacturer of an impressive product line, primarily comprised of mounts for TVs, monitors, laptops, tablets, and more.

It’s earned them a reputation as a top company in the space and a customer base of 5 million and growing. So, their stair climbing dolly, along with many of their products, is top tier.



Like Mount-It!, VEVOR offers an incredible variety of high-quality tools regardless of your trade. That means movers, plumbers, landscapers, HVAC technicians, and more will find a plethora of products tailor-made to provide quality at a fraction of the price.

So, their stair climbing dolly is highly rated, affordable, and guaranteed to get the job done.



Another one of the best stair climbing hand truck brands is Lomive. They’re a lesser-known option than the previous two, but don’t let that give you pause when it comes to trusting their stair climbing dolly.

Lomive makes one of the best stair climbing dollies on the market, making them well worth your time and attention if you’re looking for one of the best products out there.


Get One That Can Climb Stairs Even if You Don’t Need to Right Away!

Have you ever waited so long to eat that you got way too hungry and settled for the first thing you could get your hands on? The desperation meal may or may not have been a good one, but we can nearly guarantee that grabbing a hand truck out of desperation will not be as successful.

It’s best to get a stair climbing dolly even if you don’t have an immediate need for it because it will save you from having to buy a whole new dolly once the need arises.

Stair climbing dollies work just as well on the ground. Unfortunately, standard dollies don’t do the same when you try to lug them upstairs. Remember— luck favors the prepared!


Different Reasons You Will Eventually Need a Stair Climbing Dolly

Obviously, not everyone will need a stair climbing dolly (or do they?), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many good reasons to invest in one.

For working professionals, having a dolly that moves heavy loads with ease, whether on the ground or up a staircase, is a no-brainer. Using a tool such as a stair climbing dolly saves your back from overuse injuries, aches, pains, strains, and herniations. That’s great for your health, but it’s also good for your wallet since you won’t be sidelined due to injury and can keep raking in the dough at your job. Win-win!

For regular folks, a stair climbing dolly helps make moving furniture and other heavy objects much easier. You can bring things up and down stairs without having to call professionals or bribe friends, giving you more flexibility to how you decorate your living space.

Busy professionals who find themselves moving frequently for work will also appreciate having this invaluable item to make the job easier and considerably less expensive than hiring movers every single time.


When is it Worth it to Just Hire Movers?

That all depends on your personal sensibilities.

Some folks never begrudge the value of a penny saved, so they will do anything to avoid shelling out the money to hire some pricey professional movers. Even if the electric stair climbing dolly is on the fritz, they will get the job done no matter what.

On the other hand, hiring movers may make sense if it’s within your budget and you don’t expect to need to move heavy items frequently after the one job is completed. Hiring movers, in that case, saves you from having to purchase and store a large item with a very niche use “just in case.” Plus, movers move stuff every day, making them generally more qualified to come in with a plan and execute with precision while you kick back and relax.

There are merits to investing in a stair climbing dolly and just hiring movers, but which works best for you will depend on various factors and personal sensibilities.


Should I Go to the Store or Order Online?

Old-fashioned folks may feel going to the store is the better option, but times have changed significantly over the years. Nowadays, you can find significantly more options online, giving you the flexibility to choose exactly what you want rather than settling for what the storeroom stocks at your local retailer.

Most top stair climbing dolly brands available online are high-quality products that perform as advertised, but the companies behind them tend to stand by the product too. That means excellent customer service, support, a hassle-free return and exchange policy, and other handy features that make buying and using their products an absolute pleasure.

Don’t squander precious time hunting for the best stair climbing dolly options in your neighborhood when you can grab the best ones online and call it a day. After all, grabbing a stair dolly is about working smarter, not harder, right? Buying online is just the same— working smarter, not harder.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your stair climbing dolly today!

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